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Birth Stories

Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May GaskinLady’s Hands, Lion’s Heart- A Midwife’s Saga by Carol LeonardBaby Catcher by Peggy Vincent

Birth Choice

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May GaskinThe Thinking Women’s Guide to a Better Birth by Henci GoerGentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah Buckley
Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara HarperBirth as an American Rite of Passage by Robbie E. Davis-FloydImmaculate Deception II: Myth, Magic & Birth by Suzanne Arms

Celebration of Pregnancy

Mother Rising by Yana CortlundMother’s Nature: Timeless Wisdom for the Journey into Motherhood by Andrea Alban Gosline

Birth Preparation

Birthing From Within by Pam EnglandHypnobirthing: The Mongan Method by Marie Mongan

Self Care

Belly LoveThe Natural Pregnancy Book by Aviva Jill RommNatural Health after Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness by Aviva Jill Romm
Prenatal Yoga and Natural Birth by Jeannine Parvati BakerHerbal Healing for Women Rosemary GladstarWisewoman Herbal for the Childbearing Year by Susun Weed
Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler

Diva Cup:

Pre-Childbirth ModelPost-Childbirth Model


The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by La Leche League InternationalBestfeeding by Suzanne ArmsVaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide: How to Make Safe, Sensible Decisions about the Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives by Aviva Jill Romm
The Baby Book by Dr. SearsAttachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child by Katie Allison Granju


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Photos on this website are graciously used with permission by previous clients who are powerful advocates for homebirth and midwifery care.

Photographs taken by:
Albany Alvarez Del Castillo:
Tania McCracken, CPM:
Kelly Murphy, LM, CPM:

Please support their art by contacting them to photograph your pregnancy, birth, or family.